Here’s Something I Definitely Didn’t Write

I want to tell you about something I definitely didn’t write. Here’s a picture of it:


This definitely wasn’t inspired by J. A. Konrath’s 8-hour ebook challenge.

I definitely didn’t write it on weekends and when I needed a change of pace, with the sole purpose of having fun and making myself laugh.

It’s about a pizza delivery guy who is also the lead guitarist of a pretentious metal band and accidentally absorbs a god and becomes a superhero. There are illustrations.

It’s available on Amazon right now as an ebook at this link. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free. Otherwise, it’s 99 cents.

I definitely didn’t write it, though. It’s by some guy named Ace Hammer, and he definitely isn’t me.


3 thoughts on “Here’s Something I Definitely Didn’t Write

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