Christian Music Roundup – September 2015

September was an insane month for new music. Usually I end up with one or two albums each month that are worthy of being highlighted that I have to leave off for the sake of space, but not this month. This month, I had four.

And they were all pretty solid albums.

When four highlight-worthy albums get bumped from your top five, you know it’s been a good month. So if you want to see the five albums that made the cut, check out the column I did over at JesusWired here.

I recently learned that this was actually supposed to be an exclusive post for the folks at JesusWired, so from now on you’ll be finding the full post over there instead of on this blog. If you’re subscribed here, I’ll still post a little blurb and a link when the posts go live, but otherwise you’re welcome to keep an eye out on JesusWired around the first of every month for a recap of the month before.

And of course, feel free to keep up with all the other stuff I’m digging with the Spotify playlist.


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