Dear Power FM Family

Looking back on it all, it’s still kind of crazy I ever got to be a part of the team at Power FM.

I’ve shared my story of coming to Power FM on the air a few times, so I won’t use much space on that here. The short version is that I was a fan of Power FM almost from the day it signed on the airwaves as a full-time station, got into radio because of how powerfully the music impacted me, and ended up looking for a job at the exact time that Power FM was in need of an afternoon DJ.

I’ll probably write the long version down one of these days, but all you need to know right now is that College Freshman Taylor never would’ve believed you in a million years if you told him he’d get to host the morning show at Power FM, quote Dumb and Dumber with Mark Stuart and Will McGinness, and actually get paid to listen to music and play air guitar when no one was watching. He also would’ve told you that’s a strange and oddly specific prediction and then asked you never to talk to him again.

But that’s what happened. Three years ago, my wife and I packed up our life in Arkansas and moved back to my hometown so that I could take the job I’d written off as a pipe dream years ago.

And then, if you’d told First Day At Power FM Taylor that in just three years, he’d be packing up his office and leaving the Power FM studio for the last time, he still wouldn’t have believed you. He also would have told you to please stop following him around and predicting things.

In case you didn’t hear the news, Power FM was sold to Way FM earlier this week. The deal was agreed upon a few months back, but the sale was official as of Wednesday. We haven’t been able to raise the necessary funds to keep the station going for a long time now, and even though we kept cutting things from the budget and finding ways to stretch our dollars, eventually you reach a point where there’s nothing left to do. Yesterday was my last day with the station, and starting in October, 89.7 FM in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma will be broadcasting Way FM’s music format and personalities.

If you want to hear the last ever morning show we did, I saved the podcast on my SoundCloud. It’s long, rambly, and probably a little unprofessional, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

Now there is some good news about Power FM. Way FM wants to keep the ministry that we started going, even if it won’t be over the airwaves. They’ve launched an app that’ll be an online Christian Rock station, and they’re even letting it keep the Power FM name.

This isn’t something they just passed off to an intern, either. They’ve brought Chris on to do the bulk of the work with the app, and since Power FM has been his baby from the start, this station is going to have the same DNA that made Power FM what it was. The phrase he’s been using when talking about the playlist is “business as usual,” which is great to hear. It’s available for iPhones now, and the Android and Windows apps will be available soon, if they aren’t already. Just search the app store for PowerFM – and make sure to leave out the space.

As for me, I’m not sure what’s going to happen next. I’d love to stay in radio, especially in Christian radio, but since I’m in a place in my life where I’m not really free to move anywhere in the country, that definitely narrows my options. I do know this: God has taken care of me in some pretty crazy ways before. I’ve got a feeling he’s about to start flexing his provision muscles again.

I have so many things I want to say here, but this is already running a little long, so I just want to close by saying thank you. Thank you to the staff at Power FM for giving me a chance and letting me be a part of this ministry. Thank you to Kindel for waking up way too early with me every weekday for the last nine months. Thank you to everyone who’s listened, commented, tweeted, called, donated, prayed, and generally made my time at Power FM a blast. Thank you to the bands who’ve played ball when we asked them stupid questions about cartwheeling spiders, hot dogs, and awkward dates. Thank you to the bands who thought we were being serious when we asked them goofy questions and still didn’t hate us.

And thank you to everyone who contacted us on our last day. That could’ve been a really difficult day, but hearing so many great things from so many great people has filled my heart more than you can know.


2 thoughts on “Dear Power FM Family

  1. Taylor – You have made an impact in my life, and I thank you! I will miss you and pray the uncertainty you’re facing now will quickly pass. But knowing you, there will be a lesson you gain from this experience. And when you share it, with your amazing voice and storytelling talents it will no doubt positively impact many others. You have lifted my moods many afternoons and mornings with your devotionals and words of encouragement. You are a light in this world and a truly wonderful, genuine man! God bless you brother

  2. Thank you so much for your personality. You witnessed to me to where I have changed the way I view my walk with God. I was very uncertain for a long time but was overjoyed to find Power FM at a time that I needed it. I was in Dallas on business and never had enough time for myself, my family, but especially for God. I was reminded by all of you at the station that you must take the time and God will take care of the rest. May you be blessed in your future endeavors!

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