Christians Are Like Kardashians

It’s crazy the amount of hatred there is for Justin Bieber.

Seriously. Crazy.

I understand he’s starting to exhibit the classic signs of a case of the Hollywood Crazies, but remember a long, long time ago, when he was just getting famous? Like, three whole years ago, he was just this cute kid with a die-hard following and a squeaky-clean image. He was just beginning to establish himself as a guy who was going to be spending a lot of time on the radio charts.

People hated him even then.

Of course, plenty of people loved him, too. And that’s putting it lightly. People were – and still are – obsessed with the dude. And I think that’s why other folks hated him so much. They didn’t think he deserved that kind of devotion. They thought he had a little talent and some moderately good looks…just not quite so much as the die-hard Beliebers would have you believe. The battle cry of the Bieber hater was that he was only famous because some marketer latched onto this kid, poured money into his career, and got him to the top of the charts.

Put simply, they believed Justin Bieber hadn’t earned his fame, his fans, or his money.

You see the same thing with the Kardashians. They have their reality show, sure, but how did they get it in the first place? Because of who their daddy was. Granted, I can see a little hate coming from who exactly Robert Kardashian was, but again, most of the hate came from people who felt like Kim and Kourtney and the gang were rich and famous not because they did something great, but because of their father. Like Justin Bieber, they hadn’t earned their fame, their fans, or their money.

Oddly enough, as a Christian, I find myself at times identifying more and more with the Kardashians.

Okay, maybe only in a few small ways. If you stretch the metaphor too far, you end up with some funky theology.

But grace is one of the central forces in the Gospel. I don’t believe I have this great inheritance and the favor of the most powerful being in the universe because I did anything spectacular. I believe the best things in my life are there because of someone else’s actions. Even my decision to follow Jesus doesn’t reflect on my own qualities, as Jesus points out in John 6:44.

No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them. Jn 6:44 (NIV)

So this glorious inheritance in heaven, the favor of the God of the universe, and the forgiveness of my sins are all in my life because of the actions of someone else. I only have these great things because God latched onto me and poured grace into my life. Not because  of me, but because of my Father. That’s outrageous.

Because grace is outrageous.

Grace flies in the face of everything I believe about fairness, earning my keep, and the benefits of hard work.

And somehow, that’s ridiculously beautiful to me.


One thought on “Christians Are Like Kardashians

  1. Taylor, you uniquely discuss current events or people in order to write about Biblical truth. It’s refreshing.

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