Alpha Now Available in Paperback

1236016_10151935005116004_739643122_nThis bad boy came in the mail Friday night. It’s the proof copy for the paperback version of Alpha. I took a few hours to look over the layout and make some final tweaks this weekend, and the book is finally available for purchase in my Createspace store. I know there were more than a few people who were hoping to get this in paperback, so I’m thrilled things came together this way. I was a little nervous using a print-on-demand service, but the book looks amazing.

I do need to thank the fantastic Denise Wy of Cover Atelier. She did a great job on the cover, and without her great work, I’m not sure I ever would have offered Alpha as a paperback. The original cover wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t near good enough for me to feel comfortable slapping it on a physical book. I love what Denise did with the cover, and if you’re an indie author looking for someone to do cover art for you, Denise does fantastic work for a really good price. And she’s ridiculously fast. She had this and an alternate version ready to go the day after I told her some very basic ideas, and from there we just made minor tweaks until we landed at the idea you see here.

Anyway, you can get a hold of Alpha now for $9.99, or you can wait for another week or two, as I will most likely be running a giveaway through Goodreads soon. Stay tuned to my author page for updates on that front.


2 thoughts on “Alpha Now Available in Paperback

  1. I had no idea you were working on a book! Somehow I missed that blog post…anyway, exciting! I’ll be looking for the giveaway, and if I don’t win, I just may have to use some birthday money on this.

    • Haha yup! I’m actually kind of glad you didn’t know – I’ve been worried maybe I was talking about it too much and driving people crazy :p

      I just ordered the giveaway copy, so if it gets here on time, look for the giveaway sometime next week. Probably the week after, at the latest.

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