What Really Bugs Me About God

Of all the tensions Christians deal with, I think one of the most difficult ones is in how we understand God. It’s always bugged me, at least.

I mean, really bugged me.

On one hand, we’re supposed to study God. He reveals bits and pieces about himself in the Bible. His nature is partially revealed in creation. He wants us to do everything we can to understand who he is and what he’s like.

On the other hand, we can’t understand God. It’s impossible. His ways aren’t our ways. The dumbest thought he’s capable of thinking is wiser than the wisest human thought. Even the disciples, who spent day and night with Jesus Christ, never understood him unless he dumbed things down significantly.

God is beyond us. We can’t understand him, but we’re supposed to try.

I don’t like that, but at the same time, I love it.

Because if I can’t fully understand God, it means there’s always something new to discover about him.

And every time I learn something new about him, it’s something wonderful.

No one has exhausted reality of its wonder. That’s pretty cool.

But it still bugs me every now and then.

What really bugs you about God?


2 thoughts on “What Really Bugs Me About God

  1. Well put Taylor.

    Along those same lines, something that bugs me is the idea that God may (I would say he does) reveal truth to some and not others. To what extent that goes I can’t say for sure, but it leads me to think that it may extend to him revealing the truth of salvation, specifically about salvation for my unsaved friends.

    I have come to believe that it is my job to show Christ’s love to these people in every way possible, and to show them my faith by my life. Beyond that, I believe that it is the job of the holy spirit to change their hearts and turn them toward Christ.

    Is it possible that he may choose not to change their hearts? Is it possible that they may go to hell?

    That is hard for me to deal with. I want so much for them to become saved, but no matter what I try to do this may never happen. I may not be able to convince them, and I certainly can’t force them.

    There are probably many reason for this, but on the surface none of them really make me feel any better that they may go to hell.

    That bugs me.

  2. That’s definitely a tough one. Even the idea that God hardens hearts – like Pharaoh’s – against him. The answer I always heard was that we all deserve hell, so we should get excited about the people God allows to be saved instead of getting mad over the ones he damns, but that’s never truly satisfied my human notions of fairness.

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