Chicken in a Fallen World

Does anyone have Chick-Fil-A fatigue yet? I’m not quite there, but I’m close.

I’ve been wanting to write a blog on this subject, but I keep changing the angle I want to take. Every news story I read reveals a new wrinkle that I hadn’t thought of before. Every blog I stumble over finds a new group to criticize. The only constant has been this little thread that people are generally screwed up.

Everyone’s been fair game for criticism the past week. First, as a matter of form, the groups directly involved in the mess took heat from various bloggers.

Once that was out of the way, people got creative.

American culture got blasted for showing support of a cause by eating fried chicken. The church got criticized for not addressing the hate – imagined or not – that the gay community was feeling. Everyone involved in the issue got scolded for worrying about the political stance of their sandwich instead of deadly conflict overseas. Every other blog found some new, unexpected group to criticize, and you know what?

All of those blogs were right.

We’re all screwed up.

My frustration has grown bit by bit with each new critical blog I’ve read, and I think I’ve finally managed to put my finger on what it is that’s bugging me. It’s the general tone of surprise. We act like we weren’t expecting broken, sinful humans to make a mess of the world. It’s like we don’t want to acknowledge that, yes, the Fall has completely, irrevocably screwed us up. There’s incredible grace for us, but this side of Heaven, we’re all going to be pretty far from perfect.

I’m not saying sin isn’t a big deal. We should still be outraged by sin. We should still acknowledge its ugliness. But we should not be surprised by it.

If you ask me, we’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with sin. Sin was never supposed to be the star of the show, but too often that’s what it becomes. We’ve taken this whole mess as an opportunity to highlight the depravity of man, and we’ve forgotten that in the midst of all of this, there’s still one man who managed to keep his nose clean all these years.

So yes – fight for justice, freedom of speech, and decent treatment of human beings. But don’t get so caught up in who’s sinning that you forget to point to the one guy who never did.


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