A Schmaltzy Farewell

There’s a scene in Tim Burton’s adaptation of Big Fish where the main character, Ed Bloom, stumbles upon a small town called Spectre. It’s hidden in the middle of a deadly, haunted forest, but when people find their way in, they never leave. The town is just that wonderful. The mayor is a friendly man with a big smile and a wife who cooks a mean apple pie. There are parties every night. The grass is so soft that everyone has long since done away with their shoes.

Ed enjoys his stay in Spectre, but he soon realizes he has to leave. In a dramatic scene where he leaves in the middle of a party, he has some interesting words for the people of Spectre:

“This town is more than any man could ask for. And if I were to end up here, I’d consider myself lucky. But the truth is, I’m not ready to end up anywhere.”

That’s how I feel right now. KLRC has been a great place for me these past four years, from the faithful, generous listeners who have yet to send me hate mail for saying stupid stuff on the air, to the incredibly talented staff that has let me be a part of this wonderful ministry. I would consider myself fortunate to end up at a place like KLRC, but I’m still at the beginning of my journey. It’s not time for me to end up anywhere.

If you didn’t get a chance to listen to this past weekend’s Jesus Freaks, we made the announcement that I’ve been offered a full-time position at Power FM, a Christian rock station in the Dallas area. That means that this coming Saturday’s Jesus Freaks will be my last. I’m incredibly excited about this new adventure, but at the same time, I’m going to miss my KLRC family.

The purpose of this blog is not to diminish Power FM and the experience I’m going to have there. Power FM is the radio station I grew up listening to. It was the station that helped me fall in love with Christian rock, and ultimately the reason I got into radio. Working there has been one of those things I’d filed in the back of my mind under Wouldn’t it be cool if…

Also, this blog is not meant to be a big, attention-getting post designed to see how many people post and tell me they love me. It’s not a post to say that it’s the end of the world that I’m leaving KLRC and let’s all cry and pray for me as I try to cope. I can be sentimental and melodramatic, but that’s just ridiculous – even by my standards.

No, I’m writing this blog to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. To the listeners who’ve put up with me the past few years. To the people at KLRC who’ve shared their wisdom and friendship. To the Jesus Freaks co-hosts who’ve given up countless Saturday evenings. Thank you. These four years have been fantastic.

As excited as I am to start this next adventure, it’s hard to say goodbye. KLRC was my very first radio experience, and it’s hard not to get sentimental about that. I’ve grown and changed so much as a DJ, producer, and human being since coming here.

So, one last time, thank you for all these great times. If you want to stay in touch with me, I’d love to hear from you, whether it’s on this blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “A Schmaltzy Farewell

  1. Well done, Taylor. Looking forward to having you in the vicinity. Who knows Grandpa and I might even start listening to Christian rock> :–]

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Taylor I am so thrilled for your next adventure! You and Lindsey will be greatly missed! On the one hand I am jealous you get to move back to Texas…on the other hand I am praying for courage to earn your spot at KLRC. 😉 PRAYERS are with you for a smooth transition!

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