Content Creation and Bible Study

My wife likes to give me a hard time because I’m always looking for opportunities to turn parts of our life into some new creative project. We’ll be fiddling around with our instruments, and I’ll say “Let’s record this and upload it to the internet!” She’ll say she’s thinking about trying a juice fast, and I’ll say, “Let’s document the whole thing and turn it into a blog/vlog series!” Sometimes she’ll just be sitting there, and I’ll say, “I just had the most brilliant idea for a novel!” I think she’s learning not to take me seriously half the time, but she still makes sure to poke fun at me. I think it’s one of her love languages.

The fact of the matter is I like to make things. I’ve written songs, hosted a radio show, edited a music video, and even tried to write a book or two. And then there’s this blog. I just love creativity. Because of that, I try to read up as much as I can on being creative. The funny thing is, the more I read, the more I find there is one central concept that content creators of all kinds tend to bring up at one point or another:

The best way to get better at creating content is to create content.

It’s so simple, but it’s so true. So many aspiring artists never really get into the game because they’re afraid of not being “good enough.” They sit there planning out their new project and perfecting the schematics more and more over time, but they never actually do anything with it. It just stays in their head.

I think this is one of those truths that applies pretty broadly. I once went two years without doing any sort of private Bible study and without maintaining any sort of prayer life. It got to the point where one of the reasons why I wasn’t going back was I knew I’d be rusty. I knew I’d been out of the game so long that my prayers would be awkward and my study habits would be lacking. So I didn’t do anything. My fear of not being good enough led me to complete spiritual immobilization.

How did I get out of that funk? I sat down and read my Bible.  As I predicted, I didn’t uncover any deep insights, and my prayer afterward was hardly eloquent. But I was already a step ahead of where I’d been. I had something to build on.

Question of the Week
Have you ever avoided spending time with God because you were afraid you wouldn’t be “good enough” at it?


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