On to 2011

Now that we’re almost two weeks into 2011, I suppose I’m obliged to do a “let’s wrap up the last year” blog post if I’m going to be considered a regular blogger. Actually, I’d be writing something insightful, witty, or otherwise compelling, but being on Christmas break has a way of putting me in a fog and completely disrupting any thoughts of what I could write a blog about. So we’re all stuck with a year-end blog halfway through January.

It’s not like 2010 was a boring year for me by any means. It’s crazy to think back to all the stuff that’s gone on this year. I started 2010 being in the top 1,000 most-played artists on Jamendo – my first time to hit that mark – and it was during this past year that I really started seeing a lot more exposure as my songs got featured on playlists on Jamendo and all over the internet. I got approached about possibly taking over Jesus Freaks in the spring and flew solo on the show for my first time in the summer. I got engaged in the summer. I totaled my first car in the summer. That wasn’t really the good kind of exciting, but it happened. I finished the year with another trip to the top 1,000 artists of Jamendo as people suddenly decided my Christmas album was worth over 3,000 plays in the span of a few weeks.

It was a full year, but as I look at 2011, there’s potential for a year just as exciting as the last. I’ve already talked on Facebook about my plans to move on to a new musical project after I’ve remixed and mastered my favorite And Kings Will Come From Your Body tracks. That will be an interesting change. And then May will see me both graduating from college and getting married. After that, who knows what 2011 holds for me?

Anyway, that’s my short year-end update. I’ll be back to regular blogging in a few weeks or so. Farewell, friends.


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